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Golf is among our favorite outdoor activities due to the fact that each course is breathtaking in many ways, and there’s always the chance to make one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

It’s also among the few sports that allow you to play on a cart, sip beers, gamble, and keep playing until you’re for walking. Therefore, naturally, we’re playing golf whenever we can.

We love hitting the links on our favorite local courses, those we know from with our fingers. But to experience a completely new course that’s halfway across the country, one that has narrower fairways, deep bunkers, an abundance of fresh scenery, and even alligators it’s an adventure, and one that we’ll drive for long distances to experience.

We’ve played rental golf sets several times, but it isn’t easy to choose which club is best suited to the task. But the set you have of clubs is well-known distances are set as well.

You (almost) always know which one is best suited to do the task. We always suggest bringing your own set of golf clubs regardless of how far you are from your home. For that, you’ll require an appropriate golf club travel case.


Travel cases for golf range from a simple fabric sleeve with just a couple of pockets to a costly hard-sided, luggage-like case that has wheels. When choosing the right golf travel case to suit your needs, we suggest that you look at the structure as well as the interior padding and pockets.

  • Construction: This is quite easy to construct. Soft cases are less expensive and are easy to store away after not being used however, they’re not as secure. Hard-sided cases are constructed of robust ABS plastics (like the wheels of your favorite suitcase) and offer more protection for your club set, however, they consume a significant amount of space in your closet when they are not being used.
  • Interior padding: Certain cases come with padding or cushioning for more security, whereas cheaper models don’t. The added protection is worth the cost we believe.
  • Cases with pockets: Hard-sided cases are usually not pocketable. Soft-sided cases typically come with a variety of pockets that are both external and internal to help you organize your additional sleeves of balls, shoes, and windbreakers.


We’re convinced that your clubs are equally important to your golf swing, and so renting a totally other set of equipment at the golf course is not an option, this is why we use our own set.

In order to help you select the ideal golf bag to suit your needs we did a lot of research on current options, reviewing the reviews of users and testing a handful of options on the table. These are the editors’ recommendations for the top golf bags, both soft and hard-sided.

You can now bring your own clubs to the country rather than renting from the clubhouse. Take a swing and hit the fences.

1.BEST HYBRID TRAVEL BAG GOLF Travel Cover with ABS Shell Top Founders Club

  • Top half of the top is hard-sided to protect clubs
  • Soft bottom is more light and friendly for users.
  • Pockets on the outside provide organized storage
  • Approachable price
  • A case that is less secure than a complete hard-sided case

Find the top of the line golf travel bags in one with this half soft-side part hard shell bag. A durable hard-shell ABS top shields your most valuable golf club heads at the point they touch the shaft along with an all weather polyester frame with rolling wheels at the feet facilitates easy transportation and reduces the weight.

The bag can accommodate the full cart bag of clubs that are up to 50 inches in length. While there isn’t any padding in the interior, it does have internal straps that keep your clubs secure when traveling.

It also has strong lockable zippers that are heavy-duty and have two pockets on the outside for shoes, t-shirts, and other items. If not being used it folds down to make it easy to store and the entire thing weighs just 8 pounds.

Phoenix Golf Travel Bag CaddyDaddy

  • The extra cushioning is padded with EVA, and the EVA-molded front and pole protector
  • Five pockets in total
  • It can be used as a cart bag, but can be squeezed down to form stand bags
  • Folds in itself to allow for storage
  • A bit bulky for a soft case

We love the distinctive style of the CaddyDaddy travel case. It’s a soft-sided bag with thick padding on the top, and an EVA-molded front to provide protection that isn’t rigid or a lot of weight. It also has three large pockets on the exterior and two pockets inside. It also has locks for zippers that can be locked, external cinch straps to hold items in place and all-season wheels to accommodate rainy weather.

Its most notable feature is the “pole guard” -an elongated pole with a an umbrella-like, rigid top that extends over the club heads, and takes the bulk of the force off the shafts and clubs.

The result? A light (12 pounds) bag that can be stowed and gives you more peace of mind than a standard soft case.

The Last Bag Large Pro with Stiff Arm Club Glove

  • Padding as well as Stiff Arm deliver protection where they are most needed.
  • Lasting materials that are durable will last for a long time
  • The straps of compression make this case smaller to fit the bag you are carrying.
  • Pricey

If you’d like to play the game like the PGA professional, it requires many years of commitment and practice obviously. However, if you’re looking to travel like a professional and have a fully loaded Club Glove bag is your solution. It’s constructed of Cordura nylon that is more resistant to water and more durable than conventional polyester. It also has a the tough plastic bottom that’s almost impervious to damage.

This golf bag offers plenty of room for cart bags and two pockets with zippers to store golf equipment, 3 straps which reduce the amount of space used and foam padding in the top third , the ability to adjust the “Stiff Arm” that increases the protection of your clubhead, several handles for various carry options, two skate wheelsas well as a safe locking mechanism that protects the contents inside.

This bag won’t help you become Justin Thomas or Adam Scott however it will take you to the same golf courses which they play to the point of crushing.

Golf Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case Samsonite

Brand loyalists love this travel case with a hard-sided design from luggage manufacturer Samsonite constructed using an ABS plastic shell that is amazingly light at 5 pounds. It comes with all the features you like about their luggage, and ample space to store your golf clubs.

An internal compression strap helps keep your clubs in place during transportation, and the cushioned interior and foam cushioning on the club heads offer safety in the event of rough handling.

The feature we love the most would be the wheels. This case comes with four multidirectional spinner wheels as well as two skate wheels in-line which allows you to pull and push this case across crowds.

Cases Hard Plastic Wheeled Travel Case SKB

If you have golf equipment that is worth more money than automobiles, it’s best to safeguard them by using an extremely tough plastic case like this one made by SKB. It’s constructed of the polyethylene material, which is extremely robust and durable, but quite light (15 weight).

This case is designed to fit all stand bags, meaning you’ll have to put away your cart bag of choice at home. In addition, the case comes with a secure TSA lock system that makes getting through TSA checkpoints much easier than before.

The most enjoyable thing about the case, is the pleasant “click” it produces as you close the heavy-duty latches. The sound makes you feel even more assured that your prized possession will be secure and safe regardless of how many times it’s lost in the process of getting to the first Tee box.

Soft-Sided Bag for Golf Bag for Club Bag for Travel Bag with wheels Thinksea

If you don’t want (or cannot pay for) any fancy gadgets the simple soft-sided case is sure to suffice. It’s got an average of 4.4 rating on Amazon and users are raving about its value and the cheap price.

The bag for golf is made from durable polyester that can withstand the abuse of luggage loaders. It comes with one pocket for storing your other items as well as two compression straps which make this bag to as little as is possible while keeping your clubs securely, and wheels that allow you to travel around the airport.

There’s no padding inside and the wheels aren’t extravagant, and the car is certainly not as fast as the more expensive alternatives. It will leave money in your pocket for a $9 bratwurst when you reach the bend.

Padded Golf Club Travel Bag with wheels Outdoor Master

If you’re looking for the soft case that is more packed with features than a standard budget-friendly option, OutdoorMaster makes one of the top-rated (4.6 ratings at 4.6 stars on Amazon) as well as the most affordable choices available.

It’s made from a strong 900D Oxford polyester blend with ample padding in the interior to safeguard your clubs during transport, straps to help stabilize the load and help reduce the amount of space that is wasted, an external compartment for shoes that smell In-line skate wheels which are enclosed in wraparound housings, as well as deep pockets that are raised on the outside to provide additional storage.

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