Apple is poised creating an iPad more effective than ever before

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DriverKit lets iPad developers join Thunderbolt or USB accessories.

Apple has unveiled a brand new feature that the company hopes will bring iPad devices more accessible to accessories than they have ever been.

DriverKit is one of the numerous upgrades scheduled for iPadOS 16, which will let developers and manufacturers create iPad-specific drivers in the very first instance and even create drivers for multi-platform devices.

The software has been available since the beginning of 2019 on macOS Catalina that allows external USB or Thunderbolt accessories to connect to macOS devices, but it is currently available on the iPad also.

DriverKit for iPad

In an video(opens in a new tab) to announce its launch Apple announced that DriverKit will bring more choice and flexibility for both end-users and developers while maintaining the exact macOS interface for iPad users.

“DriverKit provided a fresh way to expand the system, which is more secure and reliable operating in userspace” Apple’s Souvik Banerjee said.

Banerjee explained she believed the event was designed for professionals iPad users, who frequently have to rely on hardware that’s not compatible with their device.

DriverKit API on iPadOS 16 will support USB, PCI, and audio devices. If the developer already has an application using DriverKit on Mac the driver can be transferred directly to iPad without any changes.

The information is one that Banerjee said is by “due to the capabilities of the M1 chip” inside certain iPad models, indicates it will allow users use Thunderbolt audio interfaces like headsets or microphones to an iPad at first.

Each driver can only function only when the device is connected. the new drivers have to be manually enabled in the iPad Settings application after installation. They can be turned either on or off from the iPad Settings app at any point.

Once an app is designed and then submitted for approval by the App Store, Apple will make sure only those with the right drivers are able to download and install them to ensure that there aren’t compatibility problems.

All iPads equipped with M1 hardware support DriverKit that is available right now.