Apple receiving a lion’s share of switchers, with iPhone 13 still selling well

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iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series are still selling better than the previous models of Apple’s phones as per new information obtained from U.S. carrier channels.

In an email to investors read in Newgoodiesreview, JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee analyzed Wave7 Research data covering U.S. sales of carriers during the May month.

In the end, Apple’s share of the market was unchanged in the range of AT&T and T-Mobile, and T-Mobile, while the share of the iPhone decreased during the month of May, after a rise in April.

The iPhone’s share of the market is 66 percent for AT&T and 60% for Verizon at 57%, and 60 percent for T-Mobile and T-Mobile, respectively. This is better than the previous years, which suggests an overall higher market share for the Apple devices.

Chatterjee says that there’s only a little data on the current state of sales. The information that is available suggests that sales are down a little bit year-over-year.

Apple continues to receive the largest share of switchers for smartphones from brands such as Samsung and Apple. In fact, 73% of the representatives from carriers said that Apple was receiving the most switchers, whereas only 16% of them said that about Samsung.

Concerning switching between operating systems 43% of respondents claimed that they saw more switchers switching between Android to iOS and 51% reported that the general rate of switching between both OSes was “about the same.” 5 percent of respondents said more users were switching to Android in preference to iOS.

In All carrier channels across the U.S., the iPhone 13 was the most popular with a share of 25% in May. The iPhone 13 was then followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 16 percent as well as it was followed by the iPhone 13 Pro with 13 percent as well as an iPhone 13 mini with 2 percent. Other iPhones made up 4 percent, while carrier representatives said they were disappointed that iPhone SE 3 sales were “weak.”

Chatterjee has maintained his 12-month Apple of $200, on a ratio of price to earnings of 30x based on his 2023 earnings estimates of $6.73.