How do I get a manicure?Butterfly Nails Are Taking Flight This Summer

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Butterfly beauty is among the most gorgeous takes on Y2K trends. See butterflies on clips, shadows, and eyeliner. It’s only natural that this retro-inspired style will make its way into our nail polishes. According to Pinterest statistics, search results for this style increased by 356 percent, just to be in the midst of the summer season.

“With the rise of Y2K trends, butterflies seem to be the latest craze,” says Nick Drewe, a trend expert and co-founder of the coupon site WeThrift. He suggests that we should consider it once the seasons changes, it’s time to get your butterflies.

We look to the nature and colors surrounding us to help us make aesthetic choices. Drewe states that the bright blues and vibrant yellows which we see all around us during summer — are like our tiny winged companions. This is why we have butterfly nail designs all over the place.

Drew says that the look can be worn in a variety of ways: “You can wear butterfly nails in multiple ways, whether you want a subtle nail art butterfly or a statement butterfly charm or sticker,” Drew declares. And what’s better than glitter and butterflies with a mirror glaze?

With gemstones, flecked with sparkles, or simple the nail trend can be as flexible as you wish the look to become. This flashy design has been seen on the faces of stars such as Dua Lipa as well as Demi Lovato. Are you ready to book your own personal set? We’ve compiled a list of the most impressive examples below.

Closeup showing butterfly nail trend.

Instagram user @gellygirlNails

All Natural

What is the best way to improve the quality of nail holograms? Butterflies of course. Gellygirl Nails, a nail tech (cofounder of Miami-based Korean nail salon Hae Nails) made it their goal to demonstrate the way butterfly nails appear when viewed from a natural nail bed.

A gold-colored chrome liner added butterflies to each nail to life while pinkish nail powder created a stunning design. It’s clear that you don’t require extra-long extensions to allow the wings of your butterfly to fly.

Closeup of butterfly nail trend

Instagram user @thenaillord

Insect Accents

A nail that is longer can provide an expanded canvas and more space to express your creativity. The long square nails were painted with love by Nelsy B, owner of Stay Polished salon in Ontario, Canada.

The intricate, red butterflies dance and move across the nail bed, making an ideal accent for the French-tipped nails. It’s a great summer nail for those who prefer a less sexy butterfly-inspired look.

Closeup of butterfly nail trend

Instagram user @tkonails

Psychedelic Dreams

It’s the dreamy collection of our dreams, with fluttering butterflies and crystals and all set on the base of a soft purple. Canadian nail artist Tori McInnes (@tkonails on Instagram) is adamant on creating butterfly designs on her nails throughout the summer.

The fun pastel hues are beautiful. It’s like confectionery or perhaps a bouquet of flowers that have a lovely butterfly sitting over the the top.

Closeup of butterfly nail trend

Instagram user @brisnailroom

Stick-On Designs

These nails are about short cuts. Sometimes it’s hard to pull out the liner brush, and we don’t blame for that. Be assured, Liverpool, England’s Natalie Holt got around all that hand the cramping and mess.

She shifted her attention to nail stickers that she carefully removed off their sheets and then set them in a row on the pink base.

Holt’s tip for success use tweezers instead of fingers when working on already-designed designs. After nailing them her nails, she set them with a glossy topcoat. Boom! Nails butterfly in a flash.

Closeup of butterfly nail trend

Instagram user @miritaquiroz

Lifelike Designs

This unique set from Joliet Nail Tech Mirita Rios is a mystical experience. The butterflies of different colors are centre of the stage and give the design the possibility to stand out. Some are placed mid-flight, and others appear as if they’ve swung straight onto your nail beds.

The realistic butterflies are paired with an array of crystals that are placed along the accent nail, near the cuticle. giving a splash of colour. Why would you need jewellery when you have the crystals that line your nail?

A closeup of blue butterfly nails

Instagram user @brisnailroom

Blue Butterflies

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you are thinking of butterflies? Flowers, duh. While a simple flower design can be beautiful however, the blue butterflies created by @brisnailroom_client give the nail design a full circle.

The delicate white and blue flowers are painted over the background of a matte, nude color, while two large butterflies that are drawn in black cover the all-encompassing accent nail. But wait there’s more.

The artist embellished the edges of four nails with a dramatic blue-colored nail art, which was then adorned with white and blue glitter. We’ve got it first This is officially the season for butterflies!