The Xbox App now lets you know the quality of a game that it will run on your PC

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PC gamers who play with games on the Xbox App will be pleased to learn of a new feature that will assist them in deciding if they’d like to install the game and provide an estimate of the speed it’s likely that it will run.

The rather unwieldy “Game Performance Fit Indicator will give you the score of any game on the basis of how smooth the game plays on PCs that have the same specs as your personal.

As stated, this is merely a guess of how the game could be played, but it must be within the appropriate ballpark. And getting the green signal that something is ‘playable on similar computers’ is definitely valuable information to keep.

As you can see in the post(opens in a new window) (from Tila Nguyen, Senior Product Manager Lead, Xbox Experiences) introducing the new feature, it’s about to roll out to users of the Xbox App now, with the caveat that it’ll need a good amount of information in order to be beneficial.

For the latest games obviously, it’ll be a while before data on various gaming PCs and their performance are gathered for it to make recommendations and for the system to be able to identify sufficient matches to the specifications of your system to be effective.

So do not be expecting too much, at a rapid pace from this Game Performance Indicator feature. You may not get information related to it on every single game in the beginning, but it’ll be filtered through.

It’s also been updated to include more games. Xbox App is also seen certain changes to help you find your next game easier by enhancing the search function in order to ensure it is more precise (and including games by EA Play and Ubisoft Connect in the results of a search).

Analysis: A time saver

Compared to third-party programs that only draw comparisons to the requirements of your system – or perhaps simply looking at the requirements by yourself the performance indicator will provide you with a more precise understanding of how the game will be able to run on your computer and will be a huge aid in determining if the game is worth installing and downloading that game.

If an application is a huge download, stopping it if you realize that it’s an inefficient performer can save you a lot of time and effort.

Also, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear to your SSD Perhaps just to play for five minutes prior to becoming dissatisfied with the performance and removing the game.