Steam Deck dock was 3D printed Do you like it?

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A custom 3D-printed cradle created by Redditor appears to be almost authentic.

In the absence in the absence of Valve lacking a dock specifically for its Steam Deck as of yet, One Redditor 3D-printed their own custom cradle to fit the device and it’s exactly like anything Valve might design.

The Reddit user who is in the thread, Hannover2k(opens in a new tab) created this dock after converting the Dock-Teck USB-C hub attachment called DD0003. The dock also has ports, including two USB 3.0 slots as well as an SD/MicroSD slot. the HDMI and LAN port as well as the 45W USB C-Charge port for passthrough.

The quality of workmanship in the Steam Deck dock looks stunning and could result in more 3D-printed docks in the near future. Steam has joined forces with iFixit to offer official replacement parts for its console. This means that buyers don’t need to look to third-party vendors for them however if they’re looking for the perfect Steam Deck dock and you’re looking for a dock that’s 3D-printed, this customized dock could provide some ideas for DIY projects for Steam Deck players.

Analyzing: can Third-party or DIY Steam Deck docks make an official dock obsolete?

Following the disappointing and recent news that the docking station for Steam Deck was delayed for a long time because of COVID-related manufacturing issues, It appears that customers will be forced to turn to third-party suppliers, and more often, themselves to complete this Steam Deck accessories gap.

There are several third-party docking stations, such as those from the green USB-C Multiport Adapter or the J5create USB C Docking Station, and many more options available on websites such as Etsy. But, like Hannover2k and Hannover2k, there are many customers who are creating their own custom docks.

If Valve cannot resolve its supply chain problems, this new market for DIY and third-party services could seriously impact the sales of the company when they make an official release.

However, those who supply with their own docks, cradles, and docks might result in Valve doesn’t have to be concerned about releasing a dock itself or even end plans to make the devices. This has the added benefit of letting Valve concentrate on Steam Deck production instead, which is in constant demand.