Which cream gel is better?7 Best Solid Cream Gel Polish Sets

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Solid Cream

Gel polish made of solid cream is the newest technology in UV nail polish. With a thicker pudding consistency, this gel is thick enough to remain on your nail, instead of inundating your cuticles as thinner gels do. This makes it perfect to paint nail art designs that don’t flow.


A lot of sets do not include brushes, so make sure you have the nail art brushes you need. This is a type of UV gel, so it requires the use of ultraviolet nail light.

1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Saviland Cream Gel Paint

Saviland Cream Gel Paint



  • Up to 72 shades in a set
  • Glitter and glow-in-the-dark choices
  • 7.6 grams per color
  • Excellent value price


  • Doesn’t include a base or top
  • The brushes aren’t top-quality.
  • Pots that are looser are harder to store

If you’re interested in having the ability to choose from a variety of colors, you should consider Saviland’s Solid Gel Set. Saviland offers a large selection of sizes ranging from a more than average 12-piece set up to a massive 72-piece set.

Zalora Philippines

I’m highlighting their middle-of-the-road 36-color set that has an excellent selection of primary colors, pastels, and muted shades. It’s also stocked with classic white and black. They’re also well-pigmented.

Liquid Web WW

Some users have stated that you need two coats to achieve adequate opacity as opposed to the three coats required with other brands.


Each set comes with the 15-piece nail kit with all the brushes for art you’ll require (besides brushes made of acrylic, they’re not acrylic brushes).

The brushes are the standard ones that apply the gel, as well as stripping brushes angled ones, and fan brushes to make nail art.

Centara Hotels & Resorts

While individual pots are an issue in storage, sets offer an excellent value for the price. Each pot contains 7.6 grams of polish and is enough for four manicures of 10 fingers in my experience.

The 36-color set has 273.6 grams of polish. It may not appear like much in the container however, it’s a lot for the price.

They also come with interesting finishes available like a glow-in-the-dark set with 12 colors.

2. Modelones 9-Color Creme Palettes

Modelones 9-Color Creme Palettes



  • The Formula that is easy to use
  • Beautiful colors
  • Fun finishes like color-changing
  • Set that includes all-inclusive features available


  • Sheer and requires three coats
  • It doesn’t come with a top coat or base coat.
  • A bit sticky when applying
  • One gram per color

It could look like a small container of eyeshadow in cream however, it’s actually the latest Modelones Creme Gel Polish Palette. The clamshell-style palette includes nine shades as well as tiny nail polish.

Zalora Indonesia

A broad range of colors is offered including sweet pastels, bright rainbow shades, muted hues, and striking gel polish that changes hues based on the temperature.

Guess RU

It’s the very first brand of solid cream I’ve tried (as a media sample without any assurance of an honest review) And it’s got a soft and buttery texture that could possess a hint of sticky texture until you’ve mastered the art of how to apply it.

BritishCouncil WW - ADM

With just one gram of color, this isn’t a huge amount of polish, but I’ve found that I can achieve around four complete 10-finger manicures with each square of color since I’ve used 2 to 3 coats to achieve full coverage.

The ingredients claim that cream polish doesn’t cause the streakiness you’ll get from the regular gel, but I’ve found that I experienced the same amount of streaking as other polish.

The advantage of this was it made the process much simpler to manage. I’m a little tremor-prone and constantly cleaning my cuticles that have flooded. It was much easier to keep the color exactly the way I wanted it.


Modelos also has a full starter kit, which includes the palette, miniature UV lamp, brush tools, nail tools nail cleaner, and nail file along with cuticle oils.

3. MEFA Solid Gel 48-Color Palette Kit

MEFA Solid Gel 48-Color Palette Kit



  • A wide range of fashionable colors to pick from
  • The brand is known
  • The brush cleaner can be essential to keep your brush clean
  • Cream, glitter, and changing colors


  • Grams per shade are not provided.
  • Base coat and top coat not included. not included.
  • You may not be interested in all of these colors.

MEFA’s Solid Gel Kit offers a massive 48 colors across the most diverse range of black, pastels, and glitters. There are even colors that change color and hues based on the temperatures of your nails.


The set comes with two nail brushes as well as two bottles of cleaning solution This set is on top of my list for me. Cleaning the gel from brushes is not easy, however, the brush cleaner makes it much quicker.

They don’t mention how much product is contained in each adorable little hexagon However, they do mention that it’s enough for eight 10-finger manicures of each shade.

HeadHunter RU - New Employer

This is 384 manicures with this color palette. Even if the designers are not stating the exact number correctly and it’s just half-that’s an enormous amount of manicures from one palette.

4. MIZHSE Solid Gel Glitter Polish Palette

MIZHSE Solid Gel Glitter Polish Palette



  • A wide range of glitter finishes
  • Includes nail brush
  • Other palettes are also available.


  • Less product
  • Do you want to see bold glitter?
  • There is no top coat or base coat not included.

Do you have a fascination with glitter polish? I am too. MIZHSE offers the most glitter-filled solid gel palettes available.


The set includes all kinds of fine micro-glitters, massive iridescent hexes, dramatic hexes metallics, and holographic and glittery shades like striking red. If you’re looking to be wild, there are 16 glitters in this set which are guaranteed to attract attention.

The set comes packed in a small-sized palette that is simple to put away. I like the fact that they have brushes.

Be aware that there are about 1.5 Grams in each shade of this compact and the total amount is 24 grams. This is about up to five manicures per shade.

5. Blue Palace Jelly Solid Cream Palettes

Blue Palace Jelly



  • Slick jelly-like finish
  • Other color palettes can be found
  • You can control your look by wearing coats
  • Simple recipe


  • There is no brush or topcoat
  • A lesser amount of product for the money
  • Not everyone needs jelly

Jelly Nails keeps coming back to fashion every now and then due to their uniqueness and unlike nothing like anything else. The term “jelly” refers to a transparent effect that makes your nails look like shiny jelly.

The Blue Palace Solid Jelly Set provides this jelly look in the form of a solid cream. I’m referring to cream but the gel isn’t creamy as it’s translucent. It’s more like painting with a very dense hair gel. However, it’s effortless to use and spreads easily with flawless control.

Because the polish is translucent You can alter the final look of the polish by deciding to apply less than or additional coats. Two is a great number but you can modify it to suit your needs.

The palette contains 16 different jelly shades that weigh 1.2 grams per pot. It’s not much but you’ll need only thin layers of jelly, so you’ll be able to have at least two manicures in a shade.

Blue Palace also has combination sets that include cream and jelly shades.

I’m not thrilled that they promote it in the form of “tasteless.” Sure it’s like Jell-O however, please don’t take this food.

6. Tomica Cream Gel 6-Piece Set

Tomica Cream



  • A total of 30 grams of the product
  • Available in oranges and purples
  • A mix of glitter and cream shades
  • Simple to apply


  • Limited palette
  • There is no cleaner, top coat, or base coat.
  • The colors are quite dark.

Tomicca’s Six-Piece Cream Gel set is a great option to get a broad assortment of colors you can wear. The set isn’t packed with many shades as the ones you’d require for elaborate nail design, but it does have six shades that are complementary and can be worn on their own or go a bit more extravagant by creating a multi-colored nail.

The set comes with four cream shades as well as two glitter shades, including one glitter that has large, strong hexes that are perfect for those who are trying to make a statement.

The jars contain 5 grams which should provide more than twelve manicures in each color.

7. Mzrocrio 6-Color Cream Manicure Sets

Mzrocrio 6-Color Cream



  • The colors vary in each theme.
  • 30 grams in total
  • Buttery texture


  • There’s no brush included.
  • In two separate containers
  • The brand is less well-known

Each Mzrocrio Set includes two round palettes, each with six different shades of polishes in total. Each shade contains 5 grams of creamy, which is significantly more than the Modelones palette, which only has one gram of cream per shade.

It’s possible that you’ll get fewer shades than some of the more diverse choices, but you’ll get plenty of product. It’s a great value for the price, especially when you consider that you’re receiving the equivalent of 30 grams.

Although you only get six colors The color palettes are the best you can get. There’s no named theme (which would be an improvement) however they do are recognizable, with a vibe that is similar to pastels, autumn shades, glamorous black and silver, and peachy tones.

The majority of the containers come with two cream-colored polishes and a complimentary glittery shade. The glitter shades offer many shades. There are many great metallic polishes, including some holographic and certain glitters with big and bold hexes that truly stand out.