Which brand of vacuum cleaner is good?Dyson v8 vs Dyson v7 reviews

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The V series is Dyson’s line consisting of stick vacuums with cords that are designed to be used for every day “quick cleans.” These compact vacuums feature a variety of distinctive attachments, making them convenient to carry around when you don’t wish to (or can’t) transport a larger vacuum cleaner.

There are seven Dyson V-series models to pick from, we decided to find out how the various models compare. We began by looking at V-8 and V-7 models.

By comparing all the characteristics of every model, we can figure out which stick vacuum offers the most value for your money!


Dyson is well known for the advanced technology that powers its products and, since the early 2000s, they’ve dominated the market for premium vacuum cleaners.

Since their inception at the beginning of the year, 1978 Dyson revolutionized the vacuum industry by introducing its cycle technology. Based on the idea behind the industrial cyclone tower that he built while working as Engineer, James Dyson worked for five years on the development of the first bagless vacuum in the world.

It’s not just the technology of cyclones that has led Dyson into the spotlight of vacuum technology. In the past, Dyson has become revered due to its smaller dimensions as well as lighter-weight vacuums and its commitment to power efficiency.

Another important selling point for Dyson is that the Dyson brand is the scalable assortment that their products offer. In addition, Dyson has a broad range of vacuums with different prices, but each product line has tiered items.

For instance, it is for instance, the Dyson V8 offers the Dyson V8 Absolute, Dyson V8 Animal, Dyson V8 Animal+, Dyson V8 Motorhead and Dyson V8 Total Clean. Dyson V8 Total Clean. Each of these vacuums is equipped with various attachments, and all have a price that can be adjusted to various budgets.



The main draw for Dyson is its suction power. Actually, the latest stick vacuum has twice the suction power of another vacuum that is cordless! More suction results in a more thorough and faster cleaning – and who wouldn’t like to have that?


Dyson provides excellent filtering on all of their vacuums. However, this is evident in particular when using Dyson’s stick vacuums.

While most stick vacuums can make your carpets cleaner The Dyson vacuums come with a whole-machine filter included. This filtering is precisely designed to capture “99.99% of microscopic dust particles”. Therefore, not only will the Dyson cleanse your carpet however, it also can make the air in your home cleaner as well.


Dyson stick vacuums can be more flexible than the typical stick vacuum. With the aid by a tube that telescopically opens the Dyson transforms from a light stick vacuum into a mobile handheld.

When you purchase the Dyson stick, you will get two vacuums at a time plus the added benefit of having the “dustbuster.” So, you can clean dust from carpets, remove cobwebs on the ceiling and chip off on the seat of your vehicle!


Durability is another benefit that is included in the Dyson brand name. In comparison to the standard vacuum Dyson has a 25% longer lifespan. Dyson is 25% longer time to live.


Although suction and filtering are two of the most prominent selling benefits of Dyson vacuums but there are additional great benefits which “sweeten the deal.”

For instance

  • After completing the auto-registration, when you purchase an item from Dyson stick vacuum you can get free tools and other accessories.
  • Every one of the Dyson vacuum models include two- or five-year part and labor warranties that are hassle-free.
  • Dyson also provides a 30-or 90-day guarantee on their money back for their products. So, If you’re not satisfied with your purchase and want to return it, you can and receive a full refund.


A common question people have when it comes to buying an Dyson will be whether price is justified.

Comparatively to other vacuums the Dyson is almost two times as price…so is it really worth it?

Dyson vacuums do cost an expensive price, but as per one report, this cost can last as long up to 10 years use. Given that the average vacuum cleaner lasts of eight years, and a lot less suction We believe that it’s a worthwhile investment making.


What are the reasons to choose the stick vacuum over a conventional?

If you’re looking at those models, the Dyson V-8 or V-7 models, they could be an ideal choice to consider if you:

  • You’re looking for a light vacuum that has lots of power.
  • You’re looking for an electric vacuum that is cordless for greater mobility.
  • You need a vacuum that is able to be used to clean ceilings and floors.
  • You’re worried about the air quality at home.
  • You’ll need a vacuum cleaner for touch ups in between traditional vacuuming days.
  • You’re tired of having to drag the full-sized vacuum down and up steps.

A stick vacuum may not be the right choice for you if

  • You own a huge house.
  • You should have more than 30-40 minutes of running time (see earlier.)


We have put together a comparison with two Dyson vacuums: the Dyson V8 and Dyson V7 to show how the two most famous Dyson stick vacuums stack up.

We evaluated these two stick vacuums on the basis of the price suction power, suction power, running time bin capacity, the filtering system, as well as other features, and then chose one of them as the winner.



Dyson V8 stick vacuum Dyson V8 stick vacuum was brought out in 2016 and was the 3rd cordless model produced by Dyson. It is a much more equipped Dyson that is more advanced than models like the V7 which is more costly however, the V8 is some more “oomph” than the V7 and that’s why it’s worth the extra cost.

The V8 can be described as a light cordless vacuum, similar to the majority of Dyson stick vacuums, and even though it is quite powerful in both the suction and power department however, it is very easy to maneuver.

Similar to similar to Dyson V7, the V8 model comes with a direct-drive cleaner head that is designed to keep hair from tangles the bristles. No matter if you’ve got long hair your own or have a pet that is long-haired you’re aware of the an impact this feature has!

One of the most distinctive aspects of the V8 in comparison to other models is the speed at which it removes dirt from floors as well as the air inside your home. The higher quality of cleaning is due to the improved sealing in the vacuum which is paired and the HEPA filter that filters out more dirt and dust than other vacuums.

It is crucial to remember it is important to note that Dyson V8 does not have an ordinary power button, it comes with an actual trigger. You have to hold the trigger to allow the vacuum to operate. This can make the V8 difficult for people who suffer from wrist injuries or difficulties of hand muscle strength.

There are five Dyson V8 models. Dyson V8 available these models comprise

  • Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Dyson V8 Animal
  • Dyson V8 Animal+
  • Dyson V8 Motorhead
  • Dyson V8 Total Clean

Dyson V8 models Dyson V8 models share a variety of features that are essential to the model

  • A digital motor.
  • A typical run time of 40 minutes.
  • HEPA Filtration.
  • Two modes of power.
  • A direct-drive head for cleaning.
  • A miniature motorized tool.
  • A tool that can be combined.
  • An instrument for crevices.
  • A soft dusting brush.
  • A docking station.
  • A charger.

The distinction between the V8 Dyson models is in the additional features and options available.

Dyson V8 Absolute

This Dyson V8 Absolute also includes an easy roller head.

Dyson V8 Animal

This Dyson V8 Animal also includes the mini dusting brush and an electric brush roll.

Dyson V8 Animal+

It is also available with a mini dusting brush. Dyson V8 Animal+ also includes a miniature dusting brush.

Dyson V8 Motorhead

This Dyson V8 Motorhead comes with no extra options.

Dyson V8 Total Clean

Dyson V8 Total Clean Dyson V8 Total Clean also includes the “up top” adaptor (that is designed to reach higher levels,) and a “Flexi crevice” tool (that is designed to get into small places.) This V8 Total Clean model is somewhat more difficult to obtain than other V8 models, but it is a good one.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

Its Dyson V8 stick vacuum works on carpets as well as naked floors. It comes with unique tools for each type of surface.

The D8 utilizes a mixture with nylon bristles and carbon fiber to cleanse floors. It is effortless on hardwood floors as well as tile. The bristles on the brush are powerful enough to eliminate dirt and grime from carpet.

For the best cleaning experience for optimal cleaning, it is recommended to change the vacuum head attachments whenever you move from carpet to tile or hardwood surfaces. (You don’t have to change your attachments for your vacuum, however, to achieve the best results you should.)

Handheld and Stick

It is the Dyson V8 is both a stick and handheld vacuum. The transition between both modes is simple. The 2.2-foot extension telescoping device is mounted on the motorized powerhead 50W that’s sufficient to wash the entire floor of your home.

The Dyson V8 is heavier than the other V-series Dysons However, the weight is balanced to allow for easier cleaning overhead.

Charging Dock and Battery Power

It is Dyson V8 comes with a wall-mounted charging dock that weighs only 8 ounces, yet is strong enough to keep the V8 as it charges. If you don’t want to mount the charger on a wall it comes with an extra charger that allows charging by plug-in wherever you like.

It takes about five hours to recharge this Dyson V8 battery. when it’s fully charged the vacuum can last for 40 minutes when used with motorized tools that are not. If you use the soft head, or the mini motorized one, the V8 can run for 30 minutes, while when using the main powerhead you can anticipate 25 minutes of usage.

The V8 battery can produce 22 Air Suction in watts when the vacuum is at its lowest setting. When it is set to maximum the battery can produce 115 Air Suction.


The Dyson V8 comes with an 0.14-gal bin to store dirt and dust, and it has a single push button to speed up emptying the bin is filled. Press the release button and the bin will open, with a silicone-filled ring that pulls away the dirt and dust!


The Dyson V8 features an washable HEPA filter that is located on the back part of the motor housing. This filter is complete in air filtration, and also removes dust and allergens out of the air to allow you to breathe better.


It is a bit heavy. Dyson V8 weighs 5.75 pounds which is light for the power it provides. The V8 reaches the midway point between portability and power quite effectively, and has enough suction to complete the task quickly, while also being lightweight enough to remove rid of those ceiling dust!


How well does the V8 perform?

Moving between carpeted floors and hard flooring requires a bit more effort using the Dyson V8 model than with the V7 model since it involves switching heads to keep floors tidy.

On hardwood flooring, the V8 can handle medium and fine particle debris without issue However, when the debris pieces grow to an amount that is comparable to a single piece of cereal, the performance decreases little.

When it comes to larger debris on floors that are hard the V8 can make an effort that is incredibly effective however it takes up about half the debris and moves the remaining half of the debris around.

For carpeted floors the V8 is extremely efficient and displays little variation in performance between low and high pile carpet (struggling barely on carpets with high pile.)


If color matters to you when you purchase your vacuum, then you must be aware it is possible to purchase the Dyson V8 comes in grey, yellow and red.


It is estimated that the Dyson V8 runs between $350-$450 (depending on the model you’re thinking of purchasing.) It is also possible to purchase an old Dyson V8 for under $300.

The V8 is a pricey stick vacuum, but it’s an investment worth it If you can afford it.
The V8 isn’t the most effective of Dyson stick vacuums. This is Dyson V11 Outsize. Dyson V11 Outsize, which was released in 2020.


  • Incredible performance.
  • An excellent run time using tools that aren’t motorized.
  • Lightweight.
  • Space-saving.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Much quieter that other Dyson stick models.


  • Cost is different from. Other brands.
  • A small dust bin.
  • Long time to charge.
  • The trigger must be continuously pressed on the trigger in order to work.


It is the Dyson V8 is a great option if you:

  • You’re looking for an upright vacuum that has the power to not cost you between $600-$700.
  • You’re in search of a lightweight but powerful stick vacuum.
  • You’re looking for a stick vacuum that is easy to navigate around, under as well as over with no hassle associated with a larger-sized vacuum.
  • You own your pet.

The Dyson V8 might not be an ideal choice in the event that you have a health issue.

  • You’ve got a bigger house.
  • You’re on a tight budget.



Its Dyson V7 vacuum was released into the market in 2017, and was the 4th cordless model produced by Dyson. This V7 is also among the most cost-effective Dyson stick vacuum models , making it a very popular cordless choice even after four years of debut.

It is easy to maneuver because of its lightweight. V7 has a simple design to move because of its lightweight design and the balance of its weight. One of the most appealing aspects about this model is that it comes with the main cleaner head with direct drive that stops hair from getting caught between the bristles.

There are four distinct variants that are part of Dyson V7. Dyson V7 available, some of which are exclusive to certain markets. The models are

  • Dyson V7 Absolute
  • Dyson V7 Animal
  • Dyson V7 Motorhead
  • Dyson V7 HEPA

Dyson V7 models Dyson V7 models share a variety of features that are essential to the model

  • A digital motor.
  • A typical run time of 30 minutes or less.
  • There are two power options.
  • A direct-drive head for cleaning.
  • A combination tool as well as crevice tool.
  • A docking station.

The distinction between the V7 Dyson models is the added features and options that are available to each.

Dyson V7 Absolute

The Dyson V7 Absolute comes with a soft cleansing head as well as a miniature dusting brush, as well as an electric brush roll.

Dyson V7 Animal

Dyson V7 Animal Dyson V7 Animal also includes HEPA filters, a small dusting brush, as well as the mini motorized brush roll.

Dyson V7 Motorhead

Dyson V7 Motorhead is a basic model. Dyson V7 Motorhead does not include any extra options.

Dyson V7 HEPA

Dyson V7 HEPA Dyson V7 HEPA also includes HEPA filters.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

This Dyson V7 Stick Vacuum can be used on carpets as well as bare floors. This flexibility is an essential feature of all modern stick vacuums because it is a detriment to not having to take out the larger size vacuum if the stick vacuum is not able to tackle every surface!

The D7 makes use of a mix with nylon bristles and carbon fiber to cleanse flooring. It is soft on hardwood floors and tile. It is also sufficient to remove the dirt that is deep-set from carpets with long piles.

It is also important to note that the V7 is not prone to losing suction once you switch between using the V7 to use it as a hand-held device to making it an upright vacuum.

Handheld and Stick

It is Dyson V7 is both a stick and handheld vacuum, with a removable Telescoping attachment that can be placed onto the motorized powerhead with 35W. In just a few clicks you can switch between cleaning the floor to sparkling ceilings and the vacuum’s weight is balanced to ensure that you don’t be a burden when you use the vacuum to clean vertical surfaces.

Charging Dock and Battery Power

As with other stick vacuums in the V-series like the Dyson V7 also has a wall-mounted charging dock, making charging easy and storage simpler than ever. Simply attach it to the wall of your room for utility and then charge your vacuum each time you use it so you don’t forget to recharge!

It takes about three and a half hours to fully charge the V-7 battery. Once fully charged the Dyson V-7 can run for 30 minutes.

If you operate the vacuum on its highest setting, you’ll get approximately 10 minutes of cleaning time at a cost of $1.

The battery that is smaller than the V-7 produces 21 Air power of suction when the vacuum is at its lowest setting. When it is set to maximum the battery generates 100 Air suction.


The Dyson V-7 comes with an 0.14-gal bin that can be used to catch dirt and dust, and it has an emptying button that is hygienic after the bin is full. Press the large red button and the bin opens and the ring made of silicone inside pulls out dirt and dust!

The V-7 doesn’t come with the HEPA filter unless you purchase the HEPA version. However, the filter that it has is easy to wash each time you…clean.


The Dyson V7 weighs 5.45 pounds extremely light in comparison to the suction it can provide. Its lighter weight is the reason for the battery life of the V7 is so brief. It is hard not to be curious if the V7 had a bigger battery how long the battery’s lifespan have been?


What is the performance of V7 perform? V7 perform?

With the V7 the transition from carpet and hardwood floors is seamless. However, the V7 is able to perform better when it comes to carpeted floors.

On hardwood flooring on hardwood floors, the V7 is able to handle small particles without issue, however, when it comes to anything that is larger than rice grain or greater and larger, the V7 will have difficulties. When you reach an amount of debris that size, the V7 will not even attempt to grab it.

If you have carpeted floors the V7 can take on debris of any size and type without hesitation. It’s even better that the V7 is equally effective in both high and lower pile carpet.


Although color isn’t an issue for the majority of vacuum users, if it is important to you, be aware that you can buy Dyson V7 in a variety of colors. Dyson V7 in fuchsia, purple, black or blue.


A Dyson V7 runs between $300-$400 (depending on the model you’re looking to purchase.) If you’re interested in buying a used model, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $250.


  • Incredible performance.
  • Affordable for a Dyson.
  • Lightweight.
  • Space-saving.
  • Smooth transition between carpet and hardwood.


  • Cost is different from. different brands.
  • A small dust bin.
  • Battery life is short.


Dyson V7 Dyson V7 is a good option if you:

  • You’ll want a compact vacuum that can be used for regular cleaning.
  • You don’t want to shell out a lot of money for Dyson. Dyson.
  • You reside in a small home.

It is possible that the Dyson V7 may not be an appropriate choice If:

  • Pets are yours.
  • There are a lot of hardwood and tile flooring.
  • You’re looking for the best Dyson offers.


Which of these cordless Dyson stick vacuums will be the winner?

The Dyson V8!


We selected the Dyson V8 due to its performance more efficiently than V7 in general. This performance improvement is most likely due to the fact that the V8 was developed with pets in mind – and who needs better suction and power from their vacuum like pet owners do!

With more power the V8 can do an excellent job of soft and hard flooring. Although it is a bit sluggish on hard surfaces when it comes to tackling bigger debris, it operates with a higher standard over the V7 in general.

It is also a lot more efficient than the Dyson V8 also comes with an array of attachments to allow for greater flexibility for cleaning. More tools means more personalized cleaning, which is certainly a benefit! Soft rollers are our most-loved tool. It helps clean smaller pieces of debris off hard flooring easier.

Comparatively to the V7 The V8 features a bigger direct-drive head. The direct-drive head of the V8 is larger, more wide and is more efficient in collecting debris and directing debris in the air.

The only thing we dislike concerning the Dyson V8 is the price and that it needs continuous pressure on the trigger in order to function.

The cost of the Dyson is not a surprise that’s why it’s no surprise. It is the cost that you are paying for Dyson top quality.

The constant pressure for the trigger of the vacuum, however, can take a bit of to get used to! In contrast to vacuums that come with an easy power button it is one that requires the use of a certain amount of strength, which is a problem for certain users.

There’s a further aspect we would like to have for the Dyson V8 – we want an extra large collection bin, to ensure that it doesn’t require emptying as often. The capacity of the bin on the V8 similar to the size of the bin on the V7, which means it isn’t a distinct characteristic that separates the two models; it’s just something we’d like have improved.


As with all great companies, Dyson continues to build on their product designs. They launch brand new versions of their vacuum on a regular basis. Actually, Dyson has released a every year a new stick vacuum since the year 2015.

The latest release of the stick vacuum by Dyson is called the V11 Outsize. If you’re ready to shell out the top price and are seeking the very best Dyson stick vacuum, you’ve found your Dyson stick vacuum for you.

The V11 Outsize is a step up from the majority of the features that we would like to see improved upon on the V8.

The V11’s battery is 25% bigger than the V8’s, it has twice the runtime and also has more strong suction (85 percent greater suction capacity than V7 to be exact.) This V11 Outsize also has an LCD screen that allows for better estimation of the battery’s life.

Does this suggest that the V8 is not worth the cost and that you should save to buy the V11 Outsize? Not necessarily.

If it is crucial to you that you own the best stick vacuum that is cordless from Dyson and you are a Dyson customer, then it’s worth saving for. You’ll need to shell out around $800 for the convenience.

If you’re in search of an efficient stick vacuum that has the Dyson brand and high-quality however you are on less money The V8 is an excellent middle place.

It is still superior to an typical stick vacuum and comes with a price that is half that than V11 Outsize. V11 Outsize. If you’re looking to buy an older or “renewed” unit, you will save money.


If you decide to buy a refurbished or “renewed” Dyson unit, be sure to purchase one that was renovated with the help of Dyson and not upgraded by an outside company.

If you purchase a used or “renewed” Dyson from an non-certified vendor will invalidate any warranty offered on the product which is why Dyson offers a six-month warranty for their used vacuums.

If you want to purchase an Dyson certified used unit you have to purchase directly from Dyson through their online store.

The only downside to buying a refurbished model of Dyson are that vacuum versions that are available are limited to the models they have available. Therefore, any of the earlier Dyson models are more difficult to find with a refurbished condition.


Is there a perfect time to purchase a Dyson? Yes!

Finding discounts on Dyson vacuums can be difficult, but if are determined enough to hold off until the week between Black Friday and Cyber Monday You will be able to enjoy great savings. In this week, you’ll save anywhere between one hundred to two hundred dollars on the purchase of your vacuum.

Sometimes, you will find alternative “coupons” and savings deals However, these are usually discounts provided by the store that sells the product. Dyson tends to restrict its sales to “big” selling times of the year, such as Black Friday week.

If you’re planning on purchasing an old Dyson unit, the most ideal time to buy it is when you find the model you want available! Don’t wait as the refurbished models sell out fast and are particularly highly sought-after, such as V8 Animal. V8 Animal. In addition, refurbished units are already heavily discounted and you’re unlikely to find any savings on these units , even in Black Friday week!