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Kicker Amplifiers

If you’re going to the office or plan to take a trip in your vehicle or on a tour, the Kicker amplifier will give you a top performance that keeps your attention.

The sound typically scatters at the high end without a quality amplifier. The Kicker has been producing car audio equipment for several years, and their amplifiers are among their most innovative products that have received raving customer reviews.


The company has launched various amplifiers with different powers, which can be selected based on your preferences. There are some essential details you should be aware of before purchasing one of these amplifiers however we will go to the details later.

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Things to Consider

As we’ve mentioned before, there are certain important aspects to consider before deciding whether or not to invest your hard-earned money. It’s possible that you don’t care about every detail as you might be focusing on something more than another but it’s best to know what you should be looking for when purchasing the product.


Certain aspects may appear to be somewhat technical, and it is recommended to conduct your investigation if you’re confused (on this note, you must investigate on your own for the sake of learning some more regarding car amplifiers particularly when you do not know amplifiers). In any case, here are some of the things to keep an eye on.

1. Power

The most important aspect of amplifiers is power. It’s your first item to search out. When measured in Watts power can be the difference between a good or bad amp in multiple ways. It doesn’t mean that you must choose the amp with the most watts However, instead, you should look at your speaker system to see the compatibility as well as what’s not.


In addition, if it’s compatible, if you are unable to choose between two similar amplifiers choose one that has the greater power. It’s because you may encounter a situation where you’re not content with a less powerful amp and try to increase the power and end up disastrously.

2. The number of channels

If you want to select an amp that has an exact number of channels, first, you need to take a look at the speaker system and the music you are looking for, so to speak. If you are only interested in audio from one side, 2 channels suffice. If you would like back and front then you need to choose an amp that has four channels. This is only general advice as there are amplifiers that offer greater channels that have more than 4.


3. Sound Quality

It might seem like a simple idea, however, if you’re just looking to crank on the music and play some tunes it might not matter to you. On the other hand, those who care about sound quality must make an effort to find amplifiers that provide excellent audio quality. In addition, having a better sound is more expensive and you must be aware of that too.

4. Frequency

A fairly simple aspect The frequency range of the amplifier is how you can alter the audio mix that your amplifier produces. It’s more complicated than that, and you’ll have to understand the frequency specifications of your speakers for the proper tuning of your amplifier.

In general, don’t think about it too much as the best speakers offer a wide frequency range. However, should you wish to alter the amp to achieve the most powerful sound then you’ll have to look at how the frequency response.

5. Size

This is more an opportunity to remind yourself rather than anything else. However, ensure that the amp you’re looking to purchase is able to be installed in your vehicle.

6. Price

It is a fact that price is something you should always be looking at regardless of the item. The higher-quality amplifiers are more expensive and offer advantages, however, If you don’t need something fancy or have a large number of channels and other features it is possible to find high-quality amplifiers for less.

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $100

1, Kicker 43DXA125.2 125-Watt 2-Channel

Kicker 43DXA125.2 125-Watt 2-Channel


  • Channels and power 2 channels: 125 Watts, 2 channels
  • Frequency: 10Hz – 20kHz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $100

This list starts with one of the cheapest amplifiers available. Its DXA125.2 amp is a great option if you don’t want any extra features and desire a great sound without spending a lot. The amp is powered by 125 Watts and two channels which makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a basic sound.

This amp can provide 30 watts RMS for the speakers, or you can choose it in a 1-channel configuration to provide a speaker or subwoofer that has 125 watts RMS. The frequency range is 10Hz to 20kHz, and its tiny size allows it to be tucked away in almost every car.

The amp is also equipped with additional options. For instance, you have differential-balanced inputs that help eliminate the noise and there are also preamp and speaker-level inputs. Additionally, thanks to the Kicker’s FIT technique (Fail-Safe Integration) it is possible to utilize the speaker wiring in your car for your amp’s input signals.


  • Cheap
  • Small size
  • 2-channel


  • The sound may not be satisfying for audiophiles.

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $150

2, Kicker 41DXA250.1

Kicker 41DXA250.1


  • Channels and Power 250W, Mono
  • Frequency: 25-200Hz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $150

The same model as the previous model, but with more power, the DXA250.1 is a high-quality mono amplifier. It is powered by 250 Watts and produces a high-quality bass sound. It’s fitted with a low-pass filter, which can adjust the bass frequency, which helps in generating the most clear sound on your speakers.

Additionally, you can get an enhancement to the bass that you can use if would like to add something extra to the audio. It is also possible to use a remote to alter the volume of your speaker.

The amp is built with a compact design, so you won’t find it difficult to fit it in the trunk of your vehicle. As with the previous entry, this amp is also equipped with FIT technology and has differential-balanced inputs that help with noise removal, and the preamp and speaker-level inputs are there too.

  • Excellent value
  • Compact
  • Nice bass sound


  • The sound may not be optimal in larger vehicles/SUVs.

3, Kicker 43CXA3004

Kicker 43CXA3004


  • Power and channels 300 Watts, four channels
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $150

The first amplifier on our list with four channels. The 43CXA3004 provides the best value for money.

It’s 300 Watts, and, due to its four channels, it will provide 40 watts of RMS to the rear and front speakers (75 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms) or you can select the 2-channel mode to provide 150 Watts of RMS for a pair subwoofers or speakers. Whichever you decide to use, you’ll experience an enormous improvement in audio quality.

The amp is equipped with four channels, you can also get distinct low and high pass filters for the rear and front channels, in addition to adjustable bass boosts. This lets you adjust the sound to suit your preferences to get the most effective sound with your sound system. It can also be mounted vertically, which could assist with problems with space if your vehicle is a bit cramped.

  • 4-channel
  • Great value
  • Vertically mountable


  • Can get hot

4, Kicker 46CXA4001


  • Channels and Power 400 Watts Mono
  • Frequency: 25-200 Hz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $150

The 46CXA4001 model is a 400-watt mono amplifier with some interesting features. As this amplifier can put up to 400 watts RMS it will give you an increase in the listening experience and the low-pass filters can aid in getting the most out of your speakers and subwoofers.

In addition, there is a variable 24dB subsonic filter that helps protect the speaker from harmful frequencies and assists in removing any distortion that could be caused by the speaker. A KickEQ 6dB variable volume boost for bass is included as well as an option to control remotely the volume of bass.

Another feature worth noting is the on/off delay of three seconds that blocks any unwelcome interference. Like other Kicker amplifiers, this one also comes with FIT technology. Like earlier amps on the list, the one in this list can be installed vertically.

  • Subsonic filter
  • On/Off delay
  • Vertically mountable


  • The remote doesn’t come with it.

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $200

5, Kicker 46CXA3604


  • Power and channels 4 channels, 360 Watts
  • Frequency: 10 Hz -20 kHz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $200

The 46CXA3604 is yet another 4-channel amplifier that can enhance the listening experience quite a little. It’s got 360 Watts and you can set up 65 watts of RMS per channel (90 watts RMS with 2 Ohms) and you can bridge it up to 180 watts RMS to power the pair of subwoofers and speakers.

This amp comes with class A/B power and can adjust the bass boost using KickEQ. It can translate to an additional 6dB kick. Additionally, there is a 12dB crossover which allows you to set your system up to your liking in the most efficient way.

Although it doesn’t come with subsonic filters like the earlier amp, it does feature the three-second delay on/off which eliminates unwanted interference. It can also be placed vertically, which is a great option since it’s heavy.

  • 4-channel
  • Good crossover variable, and bass boost
  • On/Off delay


  • A little big

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $250

6, Kicker 43CXA6001 Mono Amplifier


  • Channels and Power 600 Watts Mono
  • Frequency: 25 Hz -200 Hz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $250

Another kicker amp that is powerful Another powerful Kicker amp, the 43CXA6001 is a 600W mono amplifier that can turn up the volume. It utilizes an advanced class D amp technique. Additionally, it can adjust the bass boost via KickEQ which could give as much as 12dB of boost, in the event of need.

It also comes with the FIT Technology from Kicker which makes this amp extremely reliable. Its frequency response is 25 Hz to 200 Hz. You can also use the low-pass filter that can be adjusted to achieve the highest sound.

The amp also has subsonic filters that eliminate any distortion that is not needed, and it comes with a remote that could be utilized to regulate the bass volume. The amp is extremely compact and easy to install, plus you can put it up horizontally too.

  • Very powerful
  • Subsonic filter
  • Small and easily mountable


  • The remote doesn’t have an executive knob remote

7, Kicker PXA200.2


  • Power and channels 2 channels, 200W.
  • Frequency: 10 Hz -20 kHz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $250

Its PXA200.2 amplifier is different from the other amps we’ve reviewed, in part because it’s designed specifically for ATVs, motorcycles, and other similar vehicles. It’s weatherproof and comes with a non-rust stainless-steel mounting device and an all-in-one Molex plug.

It’s 200W as well as two channels. It’s extremely compact, making it simple to set up almost everywhere. The amplifier can supply up to 100 Watts for each channel, but it’s also not bridgeable.

The amp is capable of producing high-quality sound and has enough power to block out all traffic and weather noise. It has a selectable 12dB crossover. Additionally, it can eliminate low bass from your speakers using a high-pass filter if you require it. All in all, is a good option for motorcycles or other vehicles in which the amplifier is directly exposed to the elements.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Perfect for motorcycles and similar vehicles.
  • Very compact


  • Unbridgeable

8, Kicker 46CXA8001


  • Channels and Power 800 Watts Mono
  • Frequency: 25 Hz -200 Hz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $250

Its model 46CXA800.1 is a mighty mono amplifier of class D. Because this amp puts up to 800 watts which is a huge boost, it will take the bass to the next level. Like many of the other amps listed in this listing, this comes with a variable bass boost and a 6dB KickEQ that can help with the higher low frequencies, and the adjustable 12dB crossover that will assist you in tuning the sound to your preference.

You can alter the bass controls using the remote option This amp comes equipped with the Kicker FIT technology as well.

Other options include the subsonic 24dB filter that protects against any harmful frequencies as well as the on/off 3 second delay that prevents unwanted interference. It’s small, so it will fit in many cars. It can be installed vertically too.

  • Superbly strong
  • Good points
  • Installation is simple and easy to do


  • It can get heated

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $300

9,KICKER 11HS8 8” 150W Hideaway


  • Channels and Power 150 Watts Mono
  • Frequency: 25 Hz -120 Hz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $300

11.HS8 11HS8 is a unique device that blends a 150-watt amplifier and a subwoofer that’s 8 inches in diameter It’s designed to fit into any space. It’s just 3.15 inches tall and 14 inches in length.

In comparison to other amps that feature higher watts on this list, one might be inclined to believe that the amp isn’t as powerful, however, the combination of the amp and subwoofer produces a powerful sound, and it comes with many features as well.

You’ve got the quick-connect power plug a Molex plug and a remote control for bass to adjust the bass level a low-pass crossover and a bass boost. a phase canceling switch to achieve maximum output and two automatic turn-on choices.

It’s also fitted with Velcro-secured nylon straps, which help to make the installation as secure as it can be. Additionally, unlike others, this has a remote control for bass.

  • Subwoofer and amp together
  • Ultra-compact
  • A variety of features


  • Does it have there been some issues with the reliability

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Cars Under $400

10, Kicker 46CXA6605


  • Channels and Power 5 channels: 660 Watts, 5 channels
  • Frequency: 10 Hz -20 kHz
  • PRICE RANGE: Under $400

The final amplifier that we have on our list, the 46CXA660.5 is an absolute monster. It boasts a staggering five channels that can send out 65 watts for your front and rear speakers and 300 watts of power in the subwoofer. You could also bridge the amp if you want to.

The amp utilizes the class A/B technology that provides four channels in the mid/high range and the power plant of class D in the bass section. It comes with a 12dB variable crossover to enhance the sound quality and also an adjustable KickEQ 6dB bass boost to adjust those low frequencies that are not included.

The amplifier is also fitted with FIT+ (Fail-Safe Integration Plus) technology that ensures high clarity and reliability. Additional features include a 24-dB subsonic filter, as well as a 3-second delay between the on and off that eliminates unwanted interference. The amp is designed to fit in all vehicles and it’s possible to install it vertically.

  • 5-channel
  • Quite powerful
  • Subsonic filter as well as an off/on delay


  • Pricey


The kicker is a top car amp manufacturer so whatever you choose, you will not go wrong when it comes to high-end quality. But, not all amps will meet every person’s requirements and may not work with your speaker system, so be sure to test your speaker system and car to find the one that’s most suitable for your needs.

The Editor’s Pick is a great amp that’s not too costly and will please most people. For those who want to go further, look at our Top Pick for a more comprehensive selection, or if need something less costly you can always go with our Budget Pick.

We’ve said it before that all these amplifiers are high-quality therefore you shouldn’t be able to make a huge error, but you should be sure you do your study to ensure that all of them are compatible. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it with your friends and enjoy shopping!